The right editorial content for your most discerning customers

The Sturbridge Times Magazine is crafted to be read by your very best customers. Filled with in-depth lifestyle features, neighborhood personality profiles, professional advice from local industry experts and so much more, The Sturbridge Times Magazine is the best print advertising opportunity in the Greater Sturbridge area. By putting together the magazine we want to read, we know we are delivering a publication that will satisfy the most discerning readers in our area.


Total market coverage in Sturbridge

The Sturbridge Times Magazine has developed a large, loyal following of Sturbridge readers — and advertisers. This lifestyle magazine is packed with interesting portraits of the friends and neighbors who make up this unique American town and its surrounding communities.


Reaching the most financially-successful residents in 11 towns

With an advertisement in The Sturbridge Times Magazine you won’t throw your ad dollars away on buckshot advertising. Your ad will target every financially successful family in much of central Massachusetts. These are the people who are more likely to eat out, buy clothes, purchase antiques, hold multiple bank accounts, electively repair their homes and cars, and influence others to make similar choices.

The Sturbridge Times Magazine is mailed into every home and business in Sturbridge … plus every residence with an income of $100,000 or more in the following towns:

  • Brimfield
  • Charlton
  • Brookfield
  • East Brookfield
  • Holland
  • North Brookfield
  • West Brookfield
  • Spencer
  • Wales.



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